Under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, the Commissariat of the International Tourism and Travel Exhibition organizes the 22nd edition of the International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (SITEV 2023), from September 28 to October 1, 2023, at the Exhibition center (Central Pavilion) Pinède (SAFEX), Algiers.

This edition will see the participation of various actors and partners in the tourism and handicrafts sector, including institutions under the aegis, tourism and travel agencies, tourism operators, public and private hotel establishments, artisans, service establishments, such as banks, insurance companies and transport, associations and tourism offices, tourism content creators, as well as the owners of start-up companies active in the field, and a number of foreign countries.

The International Tourism and Travel Exhibition is one of the most important tourism events organized in Algeria and offers a valuable opportunity to strengthen the Algerian tourist destination, especially on the occasion of the launch of the desert tourism season. It is an appropriate event for the different Algerian and foreign operators, hotel owners, tourism and travel agencies, investors, managers of hotel and tourist establishments, in order to exhibit their products, as well as to exchange experiences and establish partnerships with different professionals and actors in the field of tourism.

On the occasion of the exhibition, several conferences and study days will be organized by national and international experts in the field of tourism. Spaces will also be dedicated to handicrafts, with the installation of a pavilion for the different handicraft products, as well as live workshops led by artisans specialized in different fields of handicrafts.

Those who wish to participate in this exhibition n (SITEV 2023) they can register on the website

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