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International Tourism and Travel Exhibition SITEV 2022

The International Tourism and Travel (SITEV); an ultimate trade fair and public exhibition, has undoubtedlybeen the major tourism event in Algeria for the past 20 years. It comesback after two years of absence due to the covid pandemic , from 29 September, 29 th toOctober, 2 nd 2022 at SAFEX - Algiers. It is organized bytheMinistry of Tourism andCrafts in partnership with the World Trade Center Algiers.
A true showcase of the Algerian destination, and an essential business forum, this eventregisters more than 500 participants and attracts thousands of visitors, looking for holidayopportunities, travel, business and investment in the various sectors of the tourism industry.
In addition, this exhibition attracts more and more foreign participants, who believe in the abilityof the destination Algeria to position itself sustainably in the international travel markets.
It is also a great celebration, which allows the general public to enjoy a diverse andenriching animation program, and a space for sharing experiences and exchange ofinformation that are proposed to develop, the various thematic workshops and meetings for professionals.
All these elements militate in our opinion in favor of an active participation of yourcompany in this major event, whose impact can only be positive, underlining, that SITEV will be the subject ofintensive and dynamic media coverage, of which each participant willbe the key actor.
After these two trying years for tourism activity in general, this exhibition is for you a realopportunity to relaunch, visibility and positioning in a changing market.
We are available to accompany you to make your participation a resounding success.